Welcome to the Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs provides leadership and strategic direction to the university’s academic departments, programs, centers and institutes, and promotes quality in undergraduate and graduate studies.  We have the specific responsibility to support faculty, staff, and administrators in carrying out the University’s strategic mission to provide students with a quality, competitive education that prepares them for life and careers after graduation.


Academic Affairs administrates all academic programs in the following seven colleges:

Academic Service Units

The following academic service units also play important roles in the Office of Academic Affairs:

The Office of Academic Affairs strives to meet the needs of the diverse range of working, first-generation college students – both traditional and non-traditional – that typify Purdue Calumet.  We believe strongly in academic excellence, experiential learning, community service, and the core values of a liberal education.  The Academic Affairs community of Purdue Calumet is committed to supporting and celebrating diversity in our academic and employment practices and policies. We achieve this by fostering an environment focused on student learning in an urban context of unprecedented demographic diversity that consists of students and faculty from over thirty different countries.

Our goal is to provide the academic and cultural framework that makes Purdue Calumet the model comprehensive regional university. We advocate student learning inside and outside the classroom. Academic Affairs supports a culture and climate where student and faculty collaboration flourishes through shared scholarship and research. The university partners with hundreds of industrial, commercial, and organizational partners who provide students with experiential opportunities. Having established our signature graduation requirement for all students to complete two courses in experiential learning, this experience provides students with the understanding on how their degree can be applied to meet the social, civic and economic needs of a global society.

Peggy Gerard

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost

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