The Sessions

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 – 6:15 p.m.
Student Union and Library — (Alumni Hall)

Proven Job Search Techniques for Today’s Successful Job Seeker – How are your networking skills? Do you use social media? Find out more about what today’s successful job search should entail.

Transferable Skills…They’re Important & You Have Them! – Employers want to know what to expect from a job seeker in certain circumstances. Absent of having ‘been there, done that,’ your transferable skills can run interference for you. Explore those skills during this session.

Resumes, Cover Letters & Thank Yous – You say you need help creating that knock-your-socks-off resume? OK, we can help. Yet, a good cover letter may be even more valuable. And what about that post-interview “thank you” note? Learn how to use all three to your advantage.

Find Your Passion, Find Your Career! – Whether realizing the dream of starting a business or otherwise finding your dream job or career, fueling passion while eliminating fears is critical. Find out how to turn what you love to do into your life’s work.

Learning to Work Smarter – Improve your marketability by taking advantage of world-respected learning programs, opportunities and resources at Purdue Calumet.

Panel Discussion Q&A – Direct your questions about the world of work, job pursuit and making yourself marketable to our panel of presenters.

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