Table Example from 2008

This is an example of a table that is not accessible and is purely for demonstration purposes. The markup for this table does not indicate that it is a data table. There are no header cells, no summary and no caption. There are empty cells and merged cells which the JAWS screen reader software announces as “blank”.

Listen to this table as read by JAWS:

This table was replaced with a properly marked up and more accessible version in 2008.


NUR 181
Introduction to Professional Nursing
NUR 182
Conceptual and Theoretical Thinking in Nursing
NUR 188
Foundations of Health Assessment and Health Promotion

13 Cr.

1 Cr. Hr.

2 Cr. Hrs.

3 Cr. Hrs.


NUR 282
Adult Nursing I

NUR 283
Practicum II

12 Cr.
4 Cr. Hrs. 2 Cr. Hrs.