Partner of the Week: Graduate Studies in Technology

School of Technology Graduate Studies Home Page

Not every Web Accessibility Partner includes a site that’s reached a high level of compliance. Sometimes it’s a “Can Do!” spirit and an enthusiasm shown by the site’s owners and editors that makes them stand out. And that’s the case this week. We’re recognizing Kishan Saha, a graduate assistant for the School of Technology Graduate Studies site, working for Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Mohammad A. Zahraee, and Technology Administrator David McLees.

Web Accessibility Training

Kishan was added as an editor this week, and we contacted him to talk about Web accessibility. We wanted to make sure, as we do with all editors, early on, that he had all the knowledge and information he needed to assure that any content he added meets the Web Accessibility Policy guidelines.

One primary advantage to having the training *before* starting to edit a site is that editors don’t have to waste time going back to redo their work if something fails the compliance tests. Plus, the information is available and accessible sooner to a wider audience.

How Soon Can We Start?

Kishan’s response was an enthusiastic request for an immediate appointment. We met and talked with him about accessibility and the four easy things to consider – images, links, tables and page structure.

We also helped him address a major problem on one of the Web pages he is to edit – the content consisted of just a heading and two large images with a lot of information but no alternate text. (That issue and the solution we came up with are the subject of our Tip of the Week.)

It’s that enthusiasm and that determination to learn how to create accessible content from the beginning, that we applaud in Kishan and in the School of Technology Graduate Studies.

Busy Schedules Make Things Tough

We know that it can be difficult to attend an in-person “Introduction to Web Accessibility” workshop, what with busy schedules and conflicting meetings. We want to make this as easy as possible for everyone to get the information they need.

So we set up our Web Accessibility site with a variety of resources including contact information. And we are happy to set up individual meetings as we did with Kishan.

Try a Webinar!

We also have had good experiences with Webinars, using screen-sharing software so that you can “attend” from the comfort of your own office.

We’re meeting with departments and offices, groups of editors, and individuals, and we are ready to help you in any way we can. If we have yet to reach out to you, please feel free to reach out to us!