Partner of the Week: Anthony Marszalek and Tim Hurtt

For the week of January 18th, we have chosen our two temporary workers, Anthony Marszalek and Tim Hurtt as our Web Accessibility Partners. Anthony is a 2010 graduate of Purdue University Calumet and Tim graduated in May of 2012. Both have been working on the Web Accessibility Initiative since April of 2012, and together, they have retrofitted over 16 hundred documents and forms and captioned over 50 videos for various departments and offices. So far.

Meeting the Challenge

Creating accessible versions of PDFs and Office documents can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating, as anyone who has worked on these will tell you. And there are thousands of documents on the Purdue Calumet Web sites. Anthony and Tim have learned to do this well and efficiently.

When they tag a document, they approach it from the point of view of someone using assistive technology such as screen reader software, making sure that it’s accessible, while still maintaining the visual appeal. In some cases, if the document can’t be made accessible without changing the look, they’ll provide an alternative, accessible version so that both are available.

They have also helped by creating Web pages from PDFs and documents, to provide another accessible alternative.

Anthony has done all of the captioning for videos which are under 20 minutes in length and focused mainly on marketing. He’s efficient and that allows us to provide a quick turnaround.

Providing a Service

Anthony and Tim allow us to offer a service and a level of support which we wouldn’t otherwise be able to provide, due to a lack of person-power. We are working with several departments at the moment to get their documents in shape, and providing training for anyone who wants to learn to do the work themselves.

The dedication and commitment evident in these two Purdue Calumet graduates are the reasons that we are proud to name them our Web Accessibility Partners for the Week!