Partner of the Week: Administrative and Professional Staff Advisory Committee (APSAC)

The January 11th Web Accessibility Partner of the Week honor goes to the Administrative and Professional Staff Advisory Committee (APSAC)!

Screenshot of the Administrative and Professional Staff Advisory Committee  Web site

The APSAC Web Site

Documents Pose a Challenge

The Web site for APSAC isn’t all that large, but it does pose a serious challenge to accessibility: the site has archives of dozens of downloadable documents, most of them in PDF format.

These include

  • Meeting Minutes,
  • Newsletters
  • Governing documents – the memos establishing the committee, the bylaws, and the strategic plan

Everyone Benefits from Accessible PDFs

In order to be accessible, a PDF must be tagged which can be a long and complicated process, depending on the way the source document was constructed. The advantages are that an accessible PDF benefits everyone. Documents can then be indexed by search engines; they are easier to navigate and are more available to mobile devices.

APSAC Secretary Susan Gianni met with us in the late summer to create a template source document for the meeting minutes that results in more accessible PDFs. And APSAC Web editors are in the process of retrofitting all of the existing documents, so that they are compliant with our Web Accessibility Policy.

Commitment to Accessibility

We applaud APSAC‘s commitment to making sure that their site and documents meet the standards to provide equal access and equal opportunities to people with and without disabilities!