Partner of the Week: Staci Trekles

Screenshot of the School of Education Web Page

Congratulations to our Web Accessibility Partner of the Week, Staci Trekles, Clinical Associate Professor, Instructional Technology of the School of Education!

Building on a Strong Foundation

Staci is Web master with primary responsibility for the School of Education site. She had already built some accessibility features into the pages, and has been focused on bringing them into even greater compliance with our Web Accessibility Policy.

Tackling the Legacy Pages

One of the most time-consuming tasks in making a site compliant with accessibility guidelines is reviewing and re-mediating the existing pages, especially if the site was built some time ago. As all of us are, Staci has been going through the School of Education site, cleaning up the code and making improvements as she goes. Her success is evident both in our automated Compliance Sheriff scans, as well as manual evaluation of the pages.

Added Benefits for Her Students

Staci teaches a class in Human Issues in Technology which focuses on assistive technology in the classroom. She also teaches Web Design, including techniques for making sites accessible, so she understands the requirements to meet the standards. She also gives her students a good grounding in accessible electronic and information technology which gives them an additional skill to list on their resumés as well as an advantage over other aspiring Web designers / developers when they enter the job market.

What’s Ahead

We will announce another Web Accessibility Partner of the Week next Friday – along with the Web Accessibility Partner for December. The issues which those Partners face may be ones with which you’re struggling on your site, and the solution they found may help you solve your issue! We’re all in this together, making the Purdue Calumet Web site accessible to everyone!