Partner of the Week: Department of Biological Sciences

Department of Biology Web site

Congratulations to the Department of Biological Sciences of the School of Engineering Math and Sciences!  Interim Department Head Dr. W.T. Evert Ting and her staff met with us to talk about how to make their Web site more accessible, updating their content and downloadable documents. They are making sure that new content meets the Web Accessibility Policy guidelines before it is posted to the Web and they are also updating the existing pages as they go.

Challenges Faced

Biology faces the same challenges as other academic departments: it provides students with information about courses, plans of study and textbook lists. In the past, these usually were offered as downloadable documents in PDF or Microsoft Office formats. But these formats are not as easy to make accessible to assistive technology as Web pages created with HTML. Biology is solving that problem by offering both a Web page version and a downloadable document for things like the three-year course rotation and the textbook list.  The downloadable documents are also being tagged to make them accessible, making this a win-win-win situation!

Another Partner Next Week

Next Friday, we’ll recognize another Web Accessibility Partner of the Week!

And remember, we continue to meet with content editors for each site, to introduce you to our Compliance Sheriff automated evaluation tool, and to talk about what your site needs. The conversation is custom-tailored to provide you with answers to your questions.

We’re going down the list, but if we haven’t called you yet and you’d like to get your site evaluation sooner, contact us and we’ll set something up!