Partner of the Week: Office of Financial Aid & Student Accounts

Screen shot of Financial Aid Home Page

The Office of Financial Aid & Student Accounts is our Web Accessibility Partner of the Week and has long deserved the recognition.

The challenges faced by the content editors for this site include finding a way to make a huge amount of information available to students and their parents on the Web. Visitors to the Financial Aid Web site are frequently looking for deadlines, forms to fill out and information about the steps they need to take in order to get help paying for their college education.

Concerted Effort

When we began our initiative, Pamela Eggebrecht and then-site content editor Cindy Jones jumped right into learning all they could about what would be needed to make the site compliant.

Cindy spent countless hours learning how to make PDF forms accessible and testing them herself with screen reader software. They restructured sections of the site to add headings and adjusted links that were unnecessarily opening new windows without warning, something that can be confusing to those with cognitive difficulties.

Frequent Updates Demand Vigilance

Financial Aid is a site which requires frequent updates and that means constant vigilance, since each time a new PDF or document is uploaded or a page is changed, the content must be reviewed for accessibility before it goes live. Maintaining an accessible site can be difficult, but Financial Aid is meeting the challenge.

Well-Deserved Recognition

We applaud the continuing efforts of the Office of Financial Aid & Student Accounts, for their dedication and determination to make the Purdue Calumet Web sites accessible for all.