Partner of the Week: Housing & Residential Education

Compliance Sheriff Response

Congratulations to Housing & Residential Education as our Web Accessibility Partner of the Week for October  26th.

University Village Housing is being recognized for the way in which staff members responded following a meeting introducing them to Compliance Sheriff Accessibility evaluation tool. We met with Director Scott Iverson and Assistant Director Abbas Hill on Monday morning, to show them how Compliance Sheriff scans their site, what it had found and how to fix the issues.  By Tuesday morning, work done by the staff had raised the percentage by 30%. They continue to work on issues to improve the compliance health of the site and we are encouraged by their quick action and their dedication to Web Accessibility.

Already in the Running

Resident Handbook 2012-2013 cover

The Housing Web site already was a strong candidate for recognition for the way it handled the 2012-2013 Resident Handbook.

This is a publication which has been printed in the past. In an effort to “Go Green”, this time the handbook was intended to be a PDF which could be read online or printed, if necessary. Since it would be available on the Web, it would need to be accessible to those using assistive technology and at 37 pages, making the PDF accessible was a serious challenge.

Instead, Scott Iverson and Abbas Hill worked with University Relations to turn the Resident Handbook into a series of Web pages and still provide the PDF as a downloadable document, suitable for printing.

More Compliance Sheriff Success

We are scheduling additional meetings with Web site owners, managers and editors to introduce you to Compliance Sheriff and to answer any questions you may have about how to bring your sites into compliance.

What’s Ahead

We will announce another Web Accessibility Partner of the Week next Friday – the first for the month of November. The issues which that Partner faced may be ones with which you’re struggling on your site, and the solution they found may help you solve your issue! We’re all in this together, making the Purdue Calumet Web site accessible to everyone!