Partner of the Week: Office of Student Affairs

Still image from video of Chancellor Keon's speech at the Student Convocation with caption Northwest Indiana

Videos Present a Special Challenge

The Office of Student Affairs is our honoree this week, for the way it handled the videos produced from the August 23rd Student Convocation.  Videos are an attractive feature on any Web site, but without captions and transcripts, any information they contain is unavailable to those who can’t hear and to those who can’t see.

Interim Vice Chancellor Sarah Howard’s office requested help to make sure that 15 videos put together from footage of the Convocation were accessible. That means captions and transcripts. The videographer had already anticipated the need, by adding captions and providing transcripts for most of the videos, which put us ahead of the game.

The videos are in the process of being finalized and posted to the Purdue Calumet Web site, but in the meantime, you can see them on the PurCal YouTube Channel.

Planning Ahead

By thinking ahead and by bringing us in early in the conversation, the Office of Student Affairs saved time and effort in making sure that everyone can enjoy the video memories of the 2012 Purdue University Calumet Student Convocation.

Our Web Accessibility Partner of the Week isn’t always about a finished task. Sometimes we will highlight a work in progress, steps taken in the right direction, showing that the department or person is thinking about what it will take to make their Web site content accessible.

Web Accessibility Partner of the Month for October

Next week the spotlight will fall on an individual who has who has gone beyond all expectations to do everything he or she can to make sure that his/her department’s Web site meets compliance guidelines.. our first Web Accessibility Partner of the Month!