Partner of the Week: Purdue Water Institute

This week, we are recognizing the Purdue Water Institute as our Web Accessibility Partner for the way it handled an all too common dilemma – posting a PDF file to the Web!

The Purdue Water Institute’s Director Dr. George Nnanna and his staff worked with Creative Services to develop a PDF version of the directory for members of the PWI Advisory Board, that would be suitable for printing.

The Challenge:

If the PWI offered just the PDF on the Web,  it would need to make sure that the 18 page document was tagged and formatted to be accessible to those using assistive technology such as screen readers. And that tagging and formatting takes a lot of time to get it right.

But there is another option.

The Solution:

Turn the directory into Web pages which inherently are more accessible, and still offer the PDF as a downloadable file which can be printed.

One Web page has a list of all of the Advisory Board members, and links to their individual pages which have photos and additional information. And the full PDF remains available for download on that “table of contents” page.

Congratulations to the Purdue Water Institute for being willing to work to find a creative solution to a common problem!

Tune in Again, Next Week!

Look for another Web Accessibility Partner of the Week next Friday. The problem which that Partner faced may be one which you’re struggling with now and their solution may help you solve your issue! We’re all in this together, making the Purdue Calumet Web site accessible to everyone!