How Do We Measure Success?

Purdue University Calumet Community,

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The Electronic & Information Technology Accessibility Initiative (EITA) continues its work on accessibility and we are encouraged by the progress in the past few months. How do we measure success? For one thing, attendance increases weekly at the Accessibility Awareness sessions. It’s satisfying to see the light bulb go on when someone realizes how easy it is to make their Web site accessible or figures out how to fix an inaccessible PDF.

For another, the number of Purdue Calumet Web pages in compliance continues to rise. You have seen this reflected in the monthly summative reports. Recently, we have purchased and implemented a new piece of software that dramatically enhances our ability to remotely access sites and put them in compliance. Deans and Department Chairs have invited the implementation team to speak with faculty. Are we ever grateful for their support!

Open Access

By all these efforts, you and the EITA Team are opening doors to many more potential students. They in turn are joining our university community and pursuing their education without encumbrance. You can imagine how wonderful for them that is. Yes, we are making progress and we thank you all for helping us advance these happy results.

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Oh, one other thing: there are a few of the Accessibility T-shirts available. They’re kind of cool, so ask for one before they are gone!

Dan L. Hendricks, Chair

Electronic & Information Technology Accessibility Initiative