Professor and student (with goggles) working on an experiment


Experiential Learning

  • One of the only universities to require real-world learning as part of your degree

  • Gain practical work experience

  • Build your resume and a portfolio

  • Make connections with employers

Consult with a town water board on a civil engineering project that can save the municipality thousands of dollars. Create an award-winning ad campaign for a company. Lead a second-grade class through lessons about community and government. Take a cruise to learn firsthand about the hospitality and catering businesses.

Purdue Calumet students do all this and much more through Experiential Learning

Purdue Calumet is a nationally recognized leader in experiential education. We give all students the opportunity to build real-world experience into their curriculum by requiring two courses for graduation.

What makes Purdue Calumet stand out from other universities’ “hands-on learning” programs is that our faculty develop opportunities by partnering with businesses and organizations throughout the community, guide the students’ experiences, and ensure that the quality of the experiences meets national standards for experiential learning.