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How much will students and their families pay to earn a million dollars?

That is a noteworthy question given that baccalaureate-degreed individuals over the course of their professional lives average $1 million more in earnings than those who have no more than a high school diploma.

Hall of Fame inductee touts mechatronics program

To say Nick Wilson, owner of Glenwood, Ill.-based Morrison Container Handling Solutions, played a key role in Purdue Calumet’s decision to offer one of the nation’s few, but emerging mechatronics engineering technology baccalaureate degree programs is like calling Babe Ruth a decent baseball player.

“I started here 4½ years ago…’

So began the message Stacey Howell, 30, of Schererville posted on the Purdue Calumet Facebook page just days before Dec. 18 graduation for him and 682 classmates.