Manufacturing a STRONGER PURDUE PRESENCE in Northwest Indiana

A changing, vibrant Purdue University is emerging to serve Northwest Indiana – complete with strategies, programs, and opportunities to enhance academics, economic development, and the student experience.

Chancellor Thomas L. KeonGreat institutions write their stories one chapter at a time. The chapter we have begun this year for Purdue University Calumet may be the most transformative yet for our campus and for Northwest Indiana.

Purdue University Calumet and Purdue University North Central, located 35 miles to our east in Westville, IN, have begun a process to unify into one Purdue University serving Northwest Indiana from two campuses. Ultimately, we see that one strong Purdue presence will advance the region, our students’ academic opportunities, faculty development, and opportunities for partnering with businesses and our alumni.

While, at press time, we are selecting a new name for the unified university, teams of people from both campuses are working together to develop plans to unify administrative and academic oversight of our many functions and programs. We anticipate presenting an overview of our plans to the Purdue Board of Trustees in the fall. Unification potentially could be complete July 1, 2016, though questions about combining some academic programs could take longer to resolve.

Purdue University Calumet is a vibrant, diverse campus serving academically talented students. The unification will bring an even richer educational experience to our students. You can find more information and updates about the unification process online at [Opens in New Window].

Sharing Our Vision

As excited as I am about what is taking shape on our growing campus, the vision of Purdue University excellence in Northwest Indiana is powered by the support of our distinguished successful Purdue University Calumet graduates. This publication features stories of accomplished alumni, including Dave Roberts (BS ’74) and his wife, Susan. As an internationally respected corporate leader, Dave understands the importance manufacturing has played and must continue to play in keeping our nation and economy strong.

When we shared with Dave and Susan our plans to develop a university manufacturing center designed to prepare individuals for 21st-century leadership roles, they eagerly got on board. Their support will help enable development of a Hammond facility in what will become a multifaceted, university-led commercialization hub. These types of partnerships provide business, research, and learning opportunities to the community, our faculty, and our students.

As Purdue University Calumet and Purdue University North Central unify, we see advancing opportunities as a higher education leader to benefit the residents and businesses of our local communities.

Indeed, the manufacturing of a truly great Purdue presence in Northwest Indiana is occurring before our eyes.

–By Thomas L. Keon
Chancellor, Purdue University Calumet