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Dear Friends,

Chancellor Thomas L. Keon
Chancellor Thomas L. Keon

Funding from the state and the tuition/fees our students pay provide the revenue our campus needs to operate day-to-day.

But for Purdue Calumet to step up and take advantage of wonderful opportunities to make a positive impact, we must identify additional financial sources.

University value

There has been much conversation and debate about the value of a university. I believe Purdue Calumet offers much to enhance regional economic development and overall quality of life within our region. I also feel strongly that Purdue Calumet is positioning itself to become more than anyone envisioned it could be.

For our potential to become reality, we must develop partnerships with those who share our vision and will invest in it.

Economic development catalyst

For example, from our operating revenue, we recently purchased a building near campus for $2 million that we aspire transforming into the Purdue University Calumet Commercialization Center.

We envision this laboratory-filled facility becoming an entrepreneurial catalyst for local economic development and technological transfer. To transform and equip our newly acquired building requires another $2 million.

Ambitious, motivated students

Additionally, support for an athletics program that attracts ambitious, motivated student-athletes eager to excel on the field and in the classroom is an investment in effective student recruitment and building campus and community pride.

Having now expanded our athletics program to 12 teams, some 200 student-athletes who likely would not choose Purdue Calumet will be enrolled here full time next fall. Teams in baseball, softball, soccer and tennis make our plan to develop a “home” sports complex in nearby Dowling Park important. This plan has a supporting partner in the City of Hammond and Mayor Thomas McDermott Jr., but we need more partners to fill funding gaps.

Purdue Calumet will continue to support its core mission. But our ability to move ahead requires more partners who share our vision for turning Purdue Calumet’s vast potential into exciting reality. I invite you to join our team.


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Thomas L. Keon