Hall of Fame inductee touts mechatronics program

To say Nick Wilson, owner of Glenwood, Ill.-based Morrison Container Handling Solutions, played a key role in Purdue Calumet’s decision to offer one of the nation’s few, but emerging mechatronics engineering technology baccalaureate degree programs is like calling Babe Ruth a decent baseball player.

Nick Wilson (right)
At his Packaging Hall of Fame induction, Wilson (right) touted the viability of the Purdue Calumet mechatronics program.

Introduced in 2008, Purdue Calumet’s mechatronics program prepares students for jobs/ careers in the fast-growing, multi-million dollar packaging industry. Students learn to design, build and service the industry’s complex, high-speed packaging machinery.

Critical need

With his wife, Nancy, Morrison’s director of customer relations, Wilson formed partnerships with other packaging industry leaders to convince Purdue Calumet technology faculty of the need for a program that combines mechanical design, manufacturing and electrical control within a foundational context of packaging machinery.

So sold is Wilson on the Purdue Calumet mechatronics program that he used his recent induction into the Packaging Hall of Fame to tout the program.

“I thought there was an opportunity to build a program with Purdue Calumet that would have a long reach into the packaging industry and provide great jobs for students,” he said. “A big part of the reason for my induction . . . is the thriving mechatronics engineering technology program at Purdue Calumet.”

Tenfold payback

Continuing, he said, “if, as an industry, we support more programs like the (Purdue Calumet) program, they will pay us back tenfold by assuring, not just the future of the packaging machinery industry, but the future success of the packaging machinery industry in the United States.”

The Wilsons have invested generously in Purdue Calumet mechatronics by supporting scholarships and a campus laboratory bearing their name. For more about Purdue Calumet’s mechatronics engineering technology program, visit http://webs.purduecal.edu/et.