Jeff Gardner gives to change a life

Jeff Gardner

Jeff Gardner credits his Purdue Calumet education with having provided him expertise and confidence to land his first job, as well as reinforcing his worth ethic.

The 1983 graduate in accounting is President and CEO of Windstream Communications in Little Rock, Ark.  As a Purdue Calumet donor, he sees his recent year gifts as opportunities to reconnect with his alma mater and “to play a small part in changing someone’s life,” he said.

“Northwest Indiana has changed dramatically since I graduated,” he continued. “Manufacturing jobs are much harder to come by. In the job market today, a college degree has never been more important…

“…We are so fortunate to have a university with such a solid reputation and track record in Northwest Indiana. Employers all over the country know that Purdue University Calumet produces top notch talent.”

Equipped to succeed

Thomas McDermott Jr.
Since graduating from Purdue Calumet in 1996, Thomas McDermott Jr. attended and graduated from law school, began a law practice, became mayor of the city of Hammond, has served as an adjunct faculty member and was invited by his alma mater to be the keynote speaker at Commencement Exercises last December. ‘I can honestly say I would not be where I am today were it not for Purdue Calumet.’