Value & affordability—here!

How much will students and their families pay to earn a million dollars?

That is a noteworthy question given that baccalaureate-degreed individuals over the course of their professional lives average $1 million more in earnings than those who have no more than a high school diploma.

Looking for a team? Come, join ours

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Dear Friends,

Funding from the state and the tuition/fees our students pay provide the revenue our campus needs to operate day-to-day.

But for Purdue Calumet to step up and take advantage of wonderful opportunities to make a positive impact, we must identify additional financial sources.

The Purdue Calumet ‘Big 4’

Purdue Calumet is reaching out in distinctive ways to advance northwest Indiana as its Hometown University. Here is our “Big 4” project list—for which we invite your partnership:

Peregrine sports

Basketball teams step up

The Purdue Calumet women finished 21-10 this season, 17-5 in the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference good for 2nd place, and ranked 13th nationally in NAIA II. The Peregrines also competed in the NAIA national tournament. Likewise, a strong second half season propelled the Peregrine men to an 18-14 record, the most victories since 2003-04.

Hall of Fame inductee touts mechatronics program

To say Nick Wilson, owner of Glenwood, Ill.-based Morrison Container Handling Solutions, played a key role in Purdue Calumet’s decision to offer one of the nation’s few, but emerging mechatronics engineering technology baccalaureate degree programs is like calling Babe Ruth a decent baseball player.

She wants her investors to see ‘it was worth it’

One day soon, Hannah Amor will begin a successful career as an engineer. Meantime, the 21-year-old junior from Lakeville is building a foundation of success at Purdue Calumet.

Jeff Gardner gives to change a life

Jeff Gardner credits his Purdue Calumet education with having provided him expertise and confidence to land his first job, as well as reinforcing his worth ethic.

Flying high…

Commercialization Center looming

Development of a Purdue Calumet Commercialization Center near campus is what prompted the university’s recent $2 million purchase of the 18,000 square feet Kaplan building on Indianapolis Boulevard. The center will provide laboratory space for enabling faculty, students and community members to develop and bring new product ideas to market. Another $2 million for renovation and furnishing costs are needed from private donors.

“I started here 4½ years ago…’

So began the message Stacey Howell, 30, of Schererville posted on the Purdue Calumet Facebook page just days before Dec. 18 graduation for him and 682 classmates.