EOP/TRiO Make an Impact Fund

About TRiO

TRiO is a set of seven federal programs helping low-income, first-generation students, adult learners, veterans, and individuals with disabilities achieve their dreams of higher education.

About the EOP/TRiO Make an Impact Fund

The Purpose of the EOP/TRiO Make an Impact Fund is to assist students with educational costs that are not covered by Federal or State Financial Aid Funds.

Purdue University Calumet Educational Opportunity for Low-Income and Disabled Americans program (EOP/TRIO) is hosting TRIO week to heighten awareness for the TRIO program in the community. The EOP/TRIO programs help defer the cost of college for first-generation and low-income students by assisting in paying for grad school admissions tests, text books, supplies, internship opportunities, and more.

Celebrating TRiO 2012

Celebrating TRIO 2012 will be held on Thursday, May 17, 2012 at Purdue University Calumet in Alumni Hall located at 2200 169th Street, Hammond, Indiana on the third floor of the Student Union Library Building. The focal points of the event this year are:

  1. Heighten awareness of TRIO program efforts and successes for nearly fifty years of service to the Northwest Indiana and surrounding areas.
  2. To launch the South Shore TRIO Alumni Network (SSTAN). This network will be made up of individuals who work with or aid TRIO Programs in fulfilling its mission. In addition to those who over the years who have benefited from TRIO Programs and want to see TRIO Programs continue to serve students from low-income and diverse backgrounds to ensure these students get the support necessary to advance to post-secondary education.

“Now more than ever TRIO advocates must come together to be the voice for first-generation and low income families,” said Raymond Davis, TRIO Celebration 2012 coordinator. “A lot of lives have changed and will be changed because of TRIO, but budget cuts by the federal government threaten to eliminate TRIO Program here and across the country” he added.

The Purdue University Calumet Upward Bound TRIO program is one of the oldest TRIO programs in the country, beginning in 1966.

We are asking former participants of any TRIO program to come out and share their TRIO stories and to help advance our efforts to support TRIO Programs nationwide.