Summer College Transition Program

An optional eight-week, “summer ‘Bridge'” component is available for Upward Bound students who:

  • graduate high school that year,
  • accepted by any Purdue University campus,
  • plan to enroll at a Purdue University campus the following Fall semester, and
  • are in good academic standing with Purdue University and the Upward Bound Program.

Students may enroll in two or three college courses for a total of six (6) to nine (9) college credits (in addition to the college credit courses they may taken during the previous summer).  High School students taking full advantage of this unique experience have the opportunity of earning a minimum of 12 (twelve) college credits –the equivalent of one full college semester(!) prior to actually enrolling at the college of their choice!

This summer academic experience through Upward Bound helps further strengthen the “Bridge’ student’s” academic skills.  This is especially helpful for students who may enroll in especially rigorous academic areas of study.