Summer Programs

Upward Bound is a continuous three-year program including three summers during the last three academic years (10th, 11th, and 12th grade) of the student’s high school experience. The total Upward Bound experience includes “Saturday Campus Experience” during the remainder of each high school’s regular academic year.

The Summer Programs consist of:

  • 10th Grade A three-week, nonresidential orientation program, at the Purdue University Calumet campus. Students attend classes daily and participate in field trips and meet with the second and third year program students at this and at the West Lafayette campus. Classes are introductory high school level “college-prep” classes and may be accepted as “partial credit” by the student’s high school.
  • 11th Grade A seven-week summer residential component, at the Purdue University West Lafayette campus. Students live in a Residence Hall designated for high school students only. The program staff resides in the same hall with the program students. (“In Loco Parentis” is in effect at all times!) Students take high school skills development level classes, help mentor the new (first year) students, produce a summer “year book,” take advanced college level study skills courses, and usually receive academic credits granted by the student’s high school. Students in this phase are eligible to take aviation classes at the Purdue University Airport, where the renown heroine, Amelia Earhart taught aviation to college students!
  • 12th Grade An eight-week nonresidential college experience, at the Purdue University Calumet campus. Students take up to two courses for a total of six(6) college credits, take high school level skills enhancement classes, take an advanced writing course, participate in career development classes, help mentor the new (first year) students, produce a weekly newsletter, and participate in field trips.
  • High School Graduates–“Bridge” Summer College Transition Program An optional eight-week, summer bridge component is available for graduates of the program who are planning to begin their post-secondary education at any of the Purdue campuses. Students in this phase may take these courses in either the Calumet or the West Lafayatte campus. Students may enroll college level courses for up to seven (7) college credits.

Overall, the Upward Bound program provides supportive academic instruction and tutoring in literature, composition, mathematics, and science at the during the summer and academic year. Upward Bound fosters increased knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Additionally, the program offers special workshops and seminars regarding careers, college admission, standardized testing, and scholarships and financial aid. Upward Bound also provides activities that encourage parental involvement, personal responsibility, and positive self-esteem.