Concur Travel and Expense Showcase

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Travel Center

Purdue University Calumet

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Concur Travel & Expense Showcase, April 10th


  • Objectives for Travel Process Transformation
  • List the benefits of Concur Travel and Expense (Concur)
  • Identify the changes in travel partners
  • Describe the four way integration of Concur, ALTOUR, JP Morgan Chase Visa Travel Card and SAP
  • Introduce Visa Travel Card
  • Define changes to cash advance process
  • Define terms used in the Concur travel process
  • View Concur navigation tips and Profile
  • View Concur Booking and Expense simulations
  • List ALTOUR details and contact information
  • Mobile App
  • Resources
  • Next Steps

Objectives for the travel process redesign

  • Streamline (simple and efficient) the travel process
  • Integrated travel agency increasing available services
  • Simplify the travel process including authorization, booking, and reimbursement
    • Rely on integrated travel system with minimal pre- approvals, but with full notification
    • Pre-approvals required:
      • Certain 3rd party sponsor
      • Students traveling internationally to countries with warning
      • Pre-trip cash advance requested
  • Provide improved risk management
  • Implement travel card program to reduce traveler out-of-pocket expenses

Benefits of new process

Employee Empowered Environment

Creation of On-Line Forms

  • Elimination of Form 17 and Form 25
  • Booking data flows to expense report
  • Electronic routing of approvals (When necessary)

Automated Business Rules

  • Business rules are built into the system, providing the traveler flexibility in travel choices with guidance
  • Built in allowance rates (per diem) based on the location of University business

Visa Travel Card (Corporate Liability/Corporate Pay)

  • Minimizing out-of-pocket expense for traveler
  • Allow Cash Advances
  • Charges flow into Concur for easy input into expense reports

Tools for Collecting Receipts and Documenting Expenses

24 Hour traveler support from ALTOUR


  • Allow travelers the flexibility to book travel and create expense reports or have a delegate do it on their behalf

Our new travel partners

Concur logoConcur is the leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions, and a trusted partner by many universities across the United States

J P Morgan and Visa card logosThe University’s current Purchasing Card provider JP Morgan Chase, is a large provider of business credit cards throughout the world

Altour, the leading expert in travelALTOUR is one of the most sophisticated and highly respected global leaders in the travel world, with an annual volume of over $1.2 billion

Four way Integration

  • Concur A web-based system used to request, book and reconcile travel expenses
  • Altour Purdue’s new travel agency who offers 24/7 access to assistance and help while in travel status
  • J P Morgan Chase Visa Travel Card is corporate liability/corporate pay, and all travel card charges are uploaded daily to Concur system
  • S A P Used to identify employees and facilitate payments

Features of Concur:

  • Integrates expense reporting with a complete travel booking solution
  • Employee profiles are exported out of SAP into Concur
  • Reimbursements are paid out of SAP
  • Reconciliation of accounts are done in SAP

Notification Reports

Flow chart of notification reports. Full description follows image

Travel or request notification reports are sent to:

  • Traveler’s Supervisor
  • Chief of all funding sources
  • PI and Co-PI of all funding sources
  • Fiscal Approver of all funding sources
  • Traveler/Traveler Assistant

Visa travel card

Visa Travel Card provides an efficient, cost-effective method of paying for expenses while traveling for Purdue University business

J P Morgan and Visa card logos

  • Less out-of-pocket expenses

University sponsored Visa Travel Card

  • Corporate liability/Corporate pay
  • Available to all individuals who travel

Travel Card integrated with Concur Travel and Expense system Card offers

Visa Travel Card Benefits

  • Reduced out of pocket expenses
  • ATM Cash Advance availability while in travel status
    • ATM fees are a reimbursable expense
    • Up to $500 per cycle
  • Emergency Evacuation Assistance Service
  • Insurance
    • Worldwide travel Accident Insurance $500,000
    • Common Carrier Baggage Reimbursement $1,250
    • Rental Car Collision Damage Waiver
    • Hotel/Motel Burglary Reimbursement $1,000
  • Requires Webcert and supervisor approval to get card
  • Requires agreement between cardholder and University
  • Cardholders are responsible for compliance with University Travel policies and procedures
  • Misuse and prohibited purchases will be monitored
    • Collection process to reimburse University for inappropriate use is Payroll Deduction
    • “Points” monitoring system
  • The Calumet Travel Center will gather completed Liability Agreements and provide them to the West Lafayette Travel Department for processing
  • The Calumet Travel Center will contact you when your Travel Card is available
  • Travel Card information is located on the West Lafayette Travel Webpage – under the “Travel Card” tab

New cash advance process

  • PRF Cash Advances will be eliminated
  • ATM cash advances up to $500 per cycle on Visa Travel Card
  • Larger cash advances will be facilitated within the New Travel System

Key terms and definitions

Term Definitions
Traveler Any employee who travels on University business
Profile Electronic record of traveler’s personal information, Visa Travel Card number, frequent traveler programs, travel preferences, Delegate/Assistant and email settings
Delegate/Assistant An individual who performs functions on behalf of traveler or approver
Travel The area in Concur for booking or the reservation and purchase of air or rail tickets, hotel accommodations and rental car
Segments Airfare, lodging, car rental, ground transportation, rail tickets
Travel Request Header Collection of traveler-specific information in Concur
Expenses A place in booking to add estimated costs that are not related to segments
Alert/Exception A business rule flag which tells the user if the booking/expense report is clear for submission; yellow = needs review, red = needs action
Notification Email informing supervisors, approvers, PI, Co-PI, Chiefs, etc. of travel event
$0 Trip Travel that occurs for University business or on University time, at no cost to Purdue
Blanket Travel Travel that does not include a common carrier ticket (air or train), and does not require pre-trip approval or notification
Travel Request Electronic form required when $0 Trip or Booking is outside of Concur Travel and Expense
Expense Report Electronic form for reimbursement and reconciliation of expenses
Travel Allowance (Fixed Meals) Fixed amount of daily reimbursement provided for meals and incidental expenses (subsistence)
Itinerary Method of creating your travel allowance based on the business destination

My Concur Page

Screenshot of my concur page after logging in. Full description follows image

A look at your home page on the Concur site, after you have logged in. Navigation tabs are at the upper left. Booking tools are below the tabs, also on the left. The work area on the right has movable panes to allow you to customize your workspace. Help and the link to logout are at the top right.

Complete Profile

Screen shot of the complete profile page for Concur. Full description below image

This screenshot shows your Complete Profile page on the Concur site. The left side navigation includes links to your personal information including credit cards, your assistants and arrangers, and email receipt activation. On the right are panes for your name and airport security information, company information and your address along with other personal information.

Expense Reports

screen shot of the Expense Reports page in Concur. Full description is below image.

This screenshot of the Expense Center shows a tabs across the top for recording new expenses, importing expenses, receipts and details. There is a work area on the right listing expenses. On the left, with Import selected, is a list of Smart Expenses.

Screenshot of the expense reports dialog box. Full description is below image

This screenshot is of a pop up box that tells you that Concur’s Smart Expenses feature has found matching transactions from the credit card and the trip info lists which may be for the same expense and which need confirmation. You can decline the match or you can click the continue button to combine the data into one expense entry per match.

Mobile Apps

Screenshot of concur mobile app for iPhonescreenshot of Concur Mobile app for AndroidScreenshot of concur mobile app for blackberry

You can access Concur via optional mobile apps. The ones shown are for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices.

Calumet Travel Center Resources

The Calumet Travel Center will still be assisting travelers:

  • When student group travel is involved
  • Assisting with Study Abroad & Athletic team travel
  • Assisting with travel arrangements for speakers, consultants and prospective employees
  • When registering a staff member for an on-line course or webinar that does not require travel
  • When a University Rental Vehicle is needed from the Calumet campus
  • When a Coach USA voucher is needed for transportation to Midway or O’Hare airport
  • Performing the final audit of expense reimbursements, so payment is immediately posted in SAP – do not need to wait for processing in West Lafayette


  1. Attend Traveler Training or Delegate / Fiscal Approver Training
  2. Attend Faculty and Staff Labs
  3. Contact Department Subject Matter Experts
  4. Contact the Calumet Travel Center

Next Steps

  • Bookmark URL to Employee Portal
  • Complete Visa Travel Card training and assessment
  • Submit your application for Visa Travel Card to the Calumet Travel Center
  • Complete Concur profile
    • Activate E-receipts
  • Know your departmental travel rules
  • Identify account assignment(s) for the trip
  • Download Mobile App (Optional)

Trip Details

  • Conference Rate
  • Location of business activity to book hotel within proximity