Foreign Travel Information

Foreign Travel Information


 Export Control Regulations

All travelers visiting a foreign country are required to complete an Export Control Questionnaire.  Each question on this form must be answered to the best of your ability.  Traveler’s must then sign the form and it will be submitted to West Lafayette. 

The form can be accessed by clicking on the following link Export Control Questionnaire

U.S. citizens traveling abroad should be aware of the export control regulations and to what items this regulation applies.  Detailed information can be found at the following Purdue University website:  travel.php .

Please direct any inquiries to Michael Reckowsky in the Office of the Vice President for Research –

International Travel Funded by a Sponsored Program

When an individual is traveling internationally and the trip is funded by a sponsored program, additional approval from Sponsored Programs in West Lafayette is required for all travel forms. 

The Sponsored Programs office at Calumet will have final review for our campus and will then forward to Sponsored Programs in West Lafayette.  All necessary signatures will be obtained from the Calumet campus prior to forwarding to West Lafayette.  Additional time should be allowed due to this approval process.

International Insurance

Coverage is provided for emergency medical treatment and evacuation services for medical, political, and natural disaster situations. This coverage protects faculty, staff, and students while traveling outside the 50 United States. This includes study abroad, research, or other official business conducted on behalf of Purdue University. This is a required coverage for all travel outside the United States. The cost of this coverage for students is $32.00.  For faculty and staff the cost is centrally funded.

All travelers must register for this mandatory coverage. 

Faculty & Staff – If you have requested your travel via the Concur travel system (prior to your travel) Risk Management will automatically be notified of your international travel.    More information can be found at the following link.