Will the Travel Center reimburse me for subsistence (food allowance)?

Subsistence will or will not be paid, based on department regulations. Please check with your department to see if they allow subsistence.

How does Purdue calculate the mileage rate?

The mileage rate is based on IRS regulations.  Some state grant mileage reimbursements will be a lower rate.

Where can I find a current subsistence rate?

Please look under Related Links in Quick Clicks on the Travel Center webpage.  Click on the Subsistence Rates page and be sure to look under M&IE rate.  This rates are updated every October.

Do I need an approved Form 17  to take students off campus?

Yes, an approved Form 17 is required when taking students off campus.  You may attach a listing of the names of the students who will be traveling with you to the Form 17.