Travel Form Information

Links to Travel Center Forms – Please note that the Travel Center prefers to complete these forms.  There are here only for your review.

What is a Preliminary Form 17?

A Preliminary Form 17 is a request for the Travel Center to prepare your Form 17.  This Preliminary Form 17 should include all of the necessary information for the Travel Center to complete the required form 17.  The preliminary Form 17 can now be completed electronically.  Please see Begin the Travel Process under Quick Links on the Travel Center webpage.

What is Blanket Travel?

Blanket Travel is defined as any travel that does not include a common carrier ticket (air or train), and does not require a “Trip Request” or any pre-trip approval or notification in the Concur Travel & Expense system.   Blanket Travel includes expenses such as mileage, tolls, subsistence, and lodging.

What is a Form 1?

A Form 1 is used to request a rental vehicle for University business. Either the Travel Center or the department can prepare the Form 1.  Once the Travel Center receives the approved Form 1, the rental car will be reserved.  An email is then sent to the traveler confirming that the vehicle has been ordered.  Rental vehicle pick-up is located at the University Police Department.  The traveler must provide a valid driver’s license to the University Police Department when picking up the rental vehicle.

Who is required to sign my Form 1?

Your department head and business office needs to approve the Form 1.

Can a student drive a rental car?

Yes, as long as the student is employed on campus. If the student is not employed on campus, a RM01 form is required and will need to be  approved by Risk Management in West Lafayette.  Risk Management WL requires a two week notice to approve an RM01 form.