PUC Courses with a Travel Component

Student Travel

If you are planning a course with student travel,  you will need to contact the Travel Center to discuss the specifics of your course.  You must take this first step before you may market your course.  Please contact the Travel Center at ext. 2148 or click here to email us.

Depending on the course, we will direct you to the correct contact person.  Your contact person will then set up a meeting to discuss the varying aspects of the trip.

Study Abroad Foreign Travel

If you are planning a study-abroad foreign trip, the International Affairs Office (IAO) will need to be contacted first.  The IAO office can be reached at (219) 989-2502.

Travel with Contract

All contracts that involve hotel or admission fees first need to be approved by an authorized University Representative.  The contract should not be in your name, as you are not authorized to sign a legally binding document. You may, however, be listed as the contact person.  Contracts should be sent to Comptroller@purduecal.edu.

After the trip is approved, the Travel Center will begin making the travel arrangements.  This includes but is not limited to airfare, registration and hotel deposits.  The Travel Center will work with the instructor regarding flight preferences.  We require each student and staff traveling to provide a copy of a valid driver’s license, or a copy of a passport if traveling outside the United States.

**Please note that a passport is now required to enter Canada and Mexico.