Concur Travel & Expense System

Concur logoReady to learn how Concur works?

It’s time to check out Concur and learn a little bit more about expense automation.

Explore how Concur gives you a simpler way to manage travel and expense with easy to use online tools. This short video demo will give you a quick overview of Concur’s integrated travel and expense management solution.

Watch the video at Concur

Ready to travel?

Do you have approval from your Department?

Do you know which account number (Fund, Cost Center and Order number if needed) the travel should be charged to?

Will your travel reimbursement be limited?

Do you know your Department rules regarding travel?

How to log into Concur?

Click here to log into the Employee Portal, then click on Travel System (Concur)

 Travel on Grant funds?

Pre-Trip forms are used for pre-approval of travel on grant funds.  Please contact the Grant’s office for more information.

When is a Travel Request required in Concur?

A Travel Request is only required in Concur when travel includes a common carrier ticket (airline or train ticket).

All other travel is considered Blanket travel (whether in-state or out-of-state), and does not require notification in the Concur system.

If you will be driving over 800 miles (round trip), then you should print a quote of what it would have cost to fly to your business destination.  The Drive vs. Fly rule states that if the cost of an airline ticket and ground transportation is less than the mileage reimbursement, then your mileage reimbursement will be reduced to reflect the airline ticket and ground transportation costs.

What should I name my Travel Request/Expense Reports?

All Travel Requests & Expense Reports should use the naming convention selected for the Calumet Campus.

 Naming Convention for use in Concur Travel & Expense system

 Year, Month, First date of travel 

4 letter Dept. code (see below)

Last name of Traveler

First initial of Traveler

Business destination (if completing Mileage logs with multiple stops – you can use “Mileage”)


 20150601 VCFA Gilhooly M New York

 List of Dept. abbreviations

 Chancellor = CHAN

Advancement = VCAD

VC Academic Affairs = VCAA

VC Enrollment Management/Student Affairs = VCEM

VC Finance and Administration = VCFA

VC Information Services = VCIS

College of Business (formerly Management) = CBIZ

College of Education = CEDU

College of EMS = CEMS

College of LASS = LASS

College of Nursing = NURS

College of Technology = TECH

School of HTM = HTMC