New State Mileage rate

As of 7/1/15, the State mileage rate will change from 44 cents per mile to 40 cents per mile.  This rate should only be used when traveling on Indiana State Grant Funds.

Mileage rates for 2015

As of 1/1/15, the privately owned vehicle mileage rate will change from 56 cents per mile to 57.5 cents per mile. The mileage rate for employees traveling on grant funds from the State of Indiana will continue to be paid at 44 cents per mile.

International Travel Program

International Travel Program 03/13/2014 Purdue’s Risk Management Department provides students, faculty and staff traveling abroad on University business with international medical insurance, evacuation assistance (whether for medical, political unrest, or natural disaster), and other related benefits. This program was designed to accommodate travel lasting less than a year. This medical insurance is secondary to an […]