Guest Writer

What’s your game?

Assistant Director, Facilities, Recreational Sports and Summer Camps

Adam Wallace holding a fish
Adam Wallace – Summer 2012 Intramural Fishing

The motto of the Purdue Calumet Intramural Program asks the question, “ What’s Your Game? “

The reason for this inquiry is that with more than 40 different offerings, we probably have your game. With such a diverse campus–not only by culture, but also by age–the mission became to develop a program that reaches all.

The program not only consists of traditional activities, such as flag football, volleyball, basketball… …but your non-traditional (the unique) baking, gardening, “intramural” (art) and fishing that are offered throughout the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

Getting involved in the program is easy and is a great way to meet other students and employees.

Albert Wortham standing next to his &ldqu;Peregrine’s Nest” painting
“Intra Mural” Contest, Painting by Albert Wortham

Many friendships have been forged over an intramural activity. All interested participants have to do is stop by the Fitness Center and pick an entry form(s) for the activity they want play

If it is an open-play activity, no registration is required–just show up at the time and place of the event. If it is a one-night tournament or a league, you must fill out the form and turn it into the check-in desk at the Fitness Center by the entry deadline. Those who have signed the form will be contacted with a reminder and their start time.

Alek Shmagranoff (kicker) and Ian Hernandez (holder)
Alek Shmagranoff (kicker) and Ian Hernandez (holder) participating in the Field Goal Kicking Contest

The great thing about our leagues is that if you don’t have a team, or enough players to form a team, we will put you on a team or add others to your roster to make a complete team.

This academic year, we will be celebrating 60 seasons of intramurals at Purdue Calumet

In honor of Bob Hayes, the founding father of Purdue Calumet Intramurals. We will be giving out the Bob Hayes Intramural participant Award at the end of each semester. This honor will recognize the person who gets involved in multiple activities, is a team player and displays good sportsmanship.

Intramural Soccer Champs Team holding trophies
Intramural Soccer Champs Team “Saihat” with Matt Dudzik (3rd from left)

For more info about the Purdue Calumet  Intramural Program, stop by the Fitness Center or call Matt Dudzik at 989-2050.