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Web Accessibility Update

Web Accessibility Coordinator

The Ides of March had special meaning for Purdue Calumet this year. As of March 15, we have one year to reach 100 percent compliance with our Web Accessibility Policy. Our goal for this year was to reach 75 percent, and we exceeded that by 5 percent — based on scans by our automated evaluation software “Compliance Sheriff”, as well as manual reviews. We also have helped create compliant versions of more than 1,700 documents and captioned seven-plus hours of short videos.

Goal for the next year

Over the next 12 months, our efforts will focus on bringing the remaining 20 percent of our Web pages into compliance, along with retrofitting the thousands of PDFs and other documents which are available for download. We will be working with faculty and staff to provide training and support including online tutorials, group workshops and one-on-one meetings.

Accessible Documents Workshop

On Monday (4/15), 15, from 2:30 to 4:30 pm, we will offer our first hands-on workshop on creating accessible documents. The two-hour session will provide an overview of what makes a document accessible and include some brief exercises.

It is open to all Purdue Calumet employees, not just Web site editors. Space is limited and registration is required. A sign-up form is available on the Web Accessibility Web site for your convenience, or contact Pam Riesmeyer at (219) 989- 2731.  The session will be held in the CLO building, Lab 234.

New Web Accessibility Committee

The Web Accessibility Committee is chaired by Assistant Director of the Office of Equity and Diversity David Blom and includes several new members, as well as a number of returning members including students Brian Boros, James Hunt, Jr., Cassandra Klemme,

  • Reference librarian Sammy Chapman,
    • Human Resources Employment Consultant Laura Guzman,
  • Disability Resource Specialist Belinda Huley,
  • Web Communications Coordinator Bienjen Kortmann, Enterprise Systems
  • Web Communications Coordinator Tim Longacre, University Relations;
  • Associate Professor of English Mark Mabrito
  • Web Communications Coordinator Robert Peterson, University Relations
  • Web Accessibility Coordinator Pamela Riesmeyer
  • Associate Professor Computer Graphics Technology Michael Roller
  • Clinical Associate Professor, Instructional Technology Staci Trekles
  • Director, Academic Research & Computing Heather Zamojski
  • Director of Academic Advising Mary Lee Vance

Web Accessibility Partners:

Our Web Accessibility Partners consist of Purdue Calumet departments or individuals who have done outstanding work in bringing a Web site into compliance, or who contribute to our efforts by showing special interest or asking especially good questions about how to make a site or a document accessible.

Our latest are March Partner of the Month: Assistant Professor of French Florian Vauleon and the Foreign Language Web site; and April partner: Mechanical Engineering Continuing Lecturer Yeow Siow for his support in assuring that the 2013 Summer Engineering Program Web site and applications meet the Web Accessibility Policy guidelines.