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Web Accessibility Update

By PAM RIESMEYER, Web Accessibility Coordinator and DAVE BLOM, Chair, Web Accessibility Committee

Purdue Calumet is working in several areas to enable that university programs, activities and services are accessible to all.

Focus on Web accessibility

Purdue Calumet’s Web Accessibility Policy requires that 100 percent of Web pages on the university’s Web site comply with the United States Access Board’s Electronic and Information Technologies Accessibility Standards by March 15, 2014.

We have made tremendous progress toward reaching that goal.  In fact, 37 Web sites have achieved the highest Web accessibility score possible from the Compliance Sheriff software, which is used by the university to monitor Web accessibility.

Additional sites score high

Another 74 Web sites have obtained scores that are within 10 percent of the top Compliance Sheriff scores possible, and we have no doubt that they will close that final gap soon.

Challenges still on the horizon

The news is not all good, however.  There are 23 sites that have yet to make it halfway to the top score (that means they have a Compliance Sheriff score below 50 percent).  Another 81 sites have scores between 50 percent and 90 percent, and need a focused push to move into the top tier.

For information on where a specific site stands, contact Pam Riesmeyer and she will provide you with a customized Compliance Sheriff report.  She also can help you understand what is keeping your site from obtaining a higher score, if applicable.

Web Accessibility isn’t hard, but does require attention

Ensuring that the information you make available on the Web is accessible to everyone does require you to keep accessibility in mind as you develop Web pages or design documents to be shared with others via the web.

In addition to the many resources already included on the Web Accessibility site that can assist you in designing accessible Web content, Pam plans to continue to conduct customized training and information sessions for Web developers and other interested parties in the months ahead.  Please take advantage of these opportunities to ensure that your site isn’t the last to reach full compliance.

With our continued, combined effort and hard work, we are confident that we will meet the 100 percent standard on schedule.  That will really be something to celebrate.