From the Chancellor

Walking the walk of necessary change


Chancellor Thomas L. Keon

The changing environmental demands on Purdue Calumet call for foresighted commitment and practical action by all of us.

Many individuals talk the talk, but effective change requires walking the walk—which the Department of Communication and Creative Arts undertook last summer.

Restructured degree program

Elsewhere in this issue you will read details of how C&CA faculty took action in restructuring a taxing baccalaureate degree program that had an overwhelming number of options. The program restricted students and burdened valuable departmental resources.

Beginning next fall, the seven specialty options within the communication degree will be eliminated, along with the eight to 13 core courses each of those options has required.


The new communication curriculum requires just five, common core courses. To complete their major, students will also take seven other courses from a limited range of communication offerings.

The restructured program allows students more flexibility in personalizing their Purdue education according to individual goals and objectives. It also will save departmental resources and faculty preparation.

More flexible structure

As Dept. Head Tom Roach explained, “In our new plan, the curriculum can be integrated, and students can build their own specialized plans of study. . . We haven’t eliminated structure; we’ve just made the structure more flexible.”

My congratulations to the communication faculty. In a committed, collaborative manner, they recognized their problem; addressed it by making appropriate changes; and are now preparing to move forward in ways that will benefit students, their department and the university.



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Thomas L. Keon