Urban League of NWI honors Purdue Calumet


Purdue Calumet recently received the Leadership Award from the Urban League of NWI for campus diversity and inclusion efforts. The award recognizes organizational-wide development and implementation of diversity strategies.

Strategic effort to embrace diversity, inclusion

Purdue Calumet Director of the Office of Equity and Diversity Linda Knox nominated the university for the award.

“I nominated Purdue Calumet for the Celebration of Leadership Diversity Awards because there is a purposeful strategic effort (on campus) to embrace diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our academic pursuits as students, staff and faculty members,” she said. “I think the area that reflects the most important positive focus is in the area of training. In support of Purdue Calumet’s strategic plan effort to promote inclusion, diversity and inclusion training will be implemented for faculty and staff. This training will bring us closer to our goal of a more inclusive environment at Purdue Calumet. “

Multicultural Campus Council

Knox also cited development of the Multicultural Campus Council on campus as a diversity improvement product of long term planning. The MCC seeks to engage all campus constituencies in ongoing planning, review and support of initiatives and education to support an ‘inclusive’ campus environment.