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Dr. Jane Mutchler, Dean (School of Management)
Dr. Jane Mutchler, Dean (School of Management)

Q&A with new Management dean

Purdue Calumet has welcomed two new deans to campus this fall. Dr. Jane Mutchler (Management) and Dr. William Law (Engineering, Mathematics & Sciences).

The Bridge is profiling Dr. Mutchler in this issue and Dr. Law will be highlighted in our next issue in the spring.


Q & A

  • What has impressed you most about Purdue Calumet?
    “The focus on student success, excellence and on experiential learning. Also, the significant potential to make a difference for our first generation college students.”
  • What have been your key focal points of attention within the School of Management?
    “Faculty engagement, AACSB accreditation, Faculty Scholarship, strategically focusing on our core strengths, and engaging the NWI business community.”
  • What is the School of Management doing to help Purdue Calumet be a first choice university for students?
    ” We are carefully analyzing our program offerings and reaching out to other schools to assure that we offer programs that are valuable to the students and to the NWI community – whether that be programs solely within the School of Management or joint programs across schools.”
  • In response to the challenges of our 21st Century society, what is the most important contribution the School of Management can make?
    “We can be on the cutting edge in using technology to enhance the educational experience for our students; we can engage with the community to offer our students enriched experiential learning opportunities ,and we can partner with industry to assure that our students receive the professional development opportunities so important to their success.”