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Trustees promote faculty, learn more about unification process


Chancellor Thomas L. Keon

At first consideration, one might think there is little relationship between the promotion of deserving faculty and the efforts of unifying two thriving campuses into a strong, vibrant singularly-purposed Purdue university.

But I would disagree.

Nine Purdue Calumet faculty members and eight from Purdue University North Central were granted promotion at this morning’s Purdue Board of Trustees meeting. At the same meeting, Purdue North Central Chancellor James Dworkin and I provided an update of our campuses’ unification planning process.

My hearty congratulations go out to the outstanding academicians and colleagues on our Purdue campuses who received promotions today. Their achievements speak volumes of their commitment to excellence. And that got me thinking…  

Similar to our hard-working, promoted professors, those individuals contributing to our unification effort offer a foundation of commitment to advancing academic quality, student success and a satisfying Purdue experience.

Both groups also have been or soon will be blazing cutting edge trails in pursuit of a lofty vision of quality and distinction.  

And, finally, both tend to view challenges as opportunities that produce enriching results.  

Yes, I would say there is a relationship between the efforts of promoted faculty and those of developing a unified Purdue University in northwest Indiana.



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Thomas L. Keon