Digesting Data

Studying our lagging summer enrollment

Though summer session campus enrollment is not necessarily a preview of what to expect in the fall, the following comparative data of this and last summer, after Day 5 of Late Registration, warrants our attention.

  • Overall credit hour enrollment (20,201) is down 7 percent this summer (21,788). On campus credit hours are down approximately 8 percent.
  • Within our academic schools, LASS is down 25 percent (1,480 credit hours) and Technology has dropped 31 percent (258 hours).
  • Declining enrollment in core courses, reported elsewhere in this issue, is likely related to the LASS drop. Beyond that, academic leaders are studying data.
  • Particularly noteworthy regarding our Academic Outreach program enrollment is that credit hours among on-line nursing enrollees have soared 48 percent (2,031 hours) from a year ago.

“Vice Chancellor (for Academic Affairs/Provost) Rogers and his staff are reviewing our enrollment data in an effort to gain better understanding of the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of our situation,” Chancellor Keon said. “Meantime, it is in the best interest of all of us to be aware of what we are experiencing institutionally.”