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Success through lessons learned from academic competitions


Chancellor Thomas L. Keon

In recent years, our students have enjoyed significant success participating in academic-related competitions against state, national and even international peers. Again this spring, Purdue Calumet students have been busy flexing their academic muscles.

Recent top finishes

Communication students claimed first and second places, as well as an honorable mention in the annual Broadcast Education Association Festival in Media Arts Student Scriptwriting competition.

Also, a team of four marketing students collaborated to win the Next Generation (NextGen) market research competition, sponsored by international corporate market research agency GfK.

Last weekend at Huntsville, Ala., engineering students completed another impressive run in what is now called the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge (formerly the NASA Great Moonbuggy Race). More students will apply their Purdue Calumet education in other competitions this spring.

Learning applied

The value of participating in these competitions is unparalleled and enriching.

We have made “learning through engagement and discovery” a strategic goal of Purdue Calumet and a distinctive quality of the Purdue education we offer. We consider such learning crucial to a 21st century education in our fast changing society.

We have articulated it many times, but it bears repeating: high quality higher education teaches students to learn how to learn.

Real world venues

Learning how to learn, of course, is the ability to synthesize, integrate and test traditional textbook and classroom lessons from which a learning foundation is developed. Academic competitions build on that foundation—and more.

Academic competitions are real world venues for applying knowledge. Additionally, such competitions provide opportunities for participants to engage in other valuable practices of effective learning—communication, team building, critical thinking, persistence and good old fashioned hard work, to name a few.

That our university has built a track record of impressive performances in these academic competitions speaks highly of our students, our faculty, and our approach and commitment to delivering an education that empowers success.



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Thomas L. Keon