Guest Writer

Spring Gardening Tips

Grounds Supervisor


Most of us have been saying, “I haven’t seen a spring like this since…..” and we would all be right.  The above average winter temperatures and low snowfall amount have led us into the warmest spring in most of our memories. This has given us early blooming magnolias, serviceberries, flowering pears, forsythias, cherries and many other shrubs and trees.  But it has also given us mosquitoes, weeds and many other pests much earlier than normal. So for this spring we will all need to get a quick jump on some things.

For your lawn, it is important that you get a weed pre-emergent down along with your spring fertilizer application. Be prepared to get another application of weed preventer down in 8-10 weeks. If you have weeds that are already visible it would be a wise choice to invest in a back pack or canister sprayer and spray those weeds with a good weed killer.  As always, read and follow the directions on the herbicide container.

For you perennial garden, you will need to weed and clean out all the ‘winter interest’ or plant debris. Then, follow up with a new layer of mulch and an application of fertilizer with weed preventer.

As you finish up with your first round of yard maintenance, always practice good pruning basics such as pruning after the shrub is finished blooming and always know the characteristics of your plants.