Priority: Enrollment Management / Student Retention

Encouraging our students to register early

Encouraging currently enrolled students to register early for the spring 2014 semester is a key priority of our strategic enrollment management plan—a priority deans, department heads, faculty, staff and advisors are being asked to actively support.

Busy, complicated lives

“As the end of the semester and the holidays draw closer and closer, our students’ lives become busier and more complicated,” Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Carmen Panlilio said. “For that reason, playing a more active role in influencing our students to register early for spring even before the fall semester ends is extremely important.”

One way to do that, according to Panlilio, is to urge students to take advantage of next week’s Priority Registration period, beginning Monday (10/28).   

Proactive approach

Panlilio plans to e-mail a message to all fall registrants that encourages them to register early. The message will include a hyperlink to DegreeWorks. By accessing it, students conveniently can print out their plans of study, subsequently have a substantive conversation with their academic advisors and consider registering for courses they need that are offered this spring.

“The help of advisors will be important, because of their subject matter expertise and the relationship they have with their students,” Panlilio said. “That’s why it would be great if advisors would be proactive in contacting their students to register early.”

Changing the mindset

Though historically there has been a tendency by many Purdue Calumet students to take a “wait and see” approach to early registration while weighing job, family and other obligations, Panlilio is eager to change that mindset and nurture the importance of a more timely, committed approach to degree persistence.

“We all know how busy our students’ lives are,” the vice chancellor said. “But encouraging them to register early will enable them to maximize their opportunity to build a schedule of the courses and class sections that works best in their long and short term planning. That is a message of value we must help them understand.”

Coming in the next issue of The Bridge (11/6): a focus on enrollment management outreach efforts and their importance.