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Promoting Excellence in Teaching

Ningchun Han
Ningchun Han

Instruction Technology Specialist
Office of Instructional Technology

As part of our effort to transform learning and teaching with technology at Purdue University Calumet, the Office of Instructional Technology is hosting a series of Brown Bag Seminars and Workshops this fall and spring.

Benefits to instructors and faculty

The goal of the Brown Bag Seminars is to provide faculty and instructors with an opportunity to learn good teaching strategies, with technology to enhance students’ engagement in learning, and to hear about how our fellow colleagues are doing to accomplish learning excellence in their classrooms.

Diverse topical areas include copyright and fair use, active learning strategies and effective teaching principles with technology, among others. To learn more about each topic and register for a Brown Bag Seminar, please go to the website:

Technology tools discussed

The Office of Instructional Technology (OIT) also offers training on technology tools for faculty and instructors.

This fall, the OIT will offer a series of workshops providing hands-on experience with good practices and strategies of using educational tools to create an engaging learning environment and to help faculty and instructors manage courses more effectively and efficiently.

Topics include how to use screen capturing software effectively, how to manage videos in Blackboard, how to manage discussions and assignments, and how to manage tests in Blackboard. For more information about these workshops and to register for them, please go to the website:

Specialized training also offered

The OIT offers specialized training for department and faculty groups as well. If a department or a group of instructors at any level (tenure-track faculty, adjunct and part-time faculty, and graduate student instructors) wishes to explore a particular teaching approach and/or have training with specific classroom technology, please contact me at or phone ext. 2505.