Purdue President visits NW Indiana

Purdue President Daniels speaks about Purdue Calumet, regional campuses during NWI visit last week

Purdue University President Mitch Daniels proclaimed during a northwest Indiana speaking engagement last week that he “very much supports the mission of” Purdue’s regional campuses.  

Asked to clarify comments previously attributed to him about the future of Purdue Calumet and Purdue North Central, he told the Oct. 16 Lake Shore Chamber of Commerce luncheon audience, “I’m a passionate believer in the regional mission.” He added that the regional campus network introduced decades ago lacked vision, and were the model developed today, it would be different. 

President Mitch Daniels
President Daniels presenting to a NW Indiana Lake Shore Chamber of Commerce audience at Hammond’s Dynasty Banquet Center.


Among other comments he made at the luncheon and at an evening Merrillville gathering of the Purdue Alumni Club of Northwest Indiana…

RE: Purdue Calumet:

“I’m a firm believer in enabling Purdue Calumet to grow as much as it can.”

RE: Regional campus leadership

“I am pleased with the leadership at both of our northwest Indiana regional campuses.”

RE: graduating students at the regional university campuses:

“There ought to be a fairer way to calculate the graduation rate and degree completion, but there’s (also) room for (university) improvement.”

RE: Purdue quality and value:

“We are going to sell . . . a high quality education. Quality divided by price equals value. . . We need Purdue to be accessible for the next generation of students. We have to be a school anyone who meets our standards can afford to attend.”

RE: inconsistent credit transferability between West Lafayette and the regional campuses:

“That’s an area of concern; It’s not acceptable, and we’re working on it. We’ve got to have seamless mobility between campuses. “

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