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Upcoming play written by Purdue Calumet professor

Members of Instructor Corya Channing’s acting class this month will present, ‘The Perfect Garden’ written by Purdue Calumet communication professor Theresa Carilli, Friday (11/9), Saturday (11/10), Sunday (11/11), November 17 and 18.

Offered in the YJean Chambers Hall, the performance is a light-hearted comedy that covers some serious issues.

A scene from “The Perfect Garden”
Left to right: Toni Brady (from Chicago who plays Aunt Piccolo) ; Amelia Medina (PUC student from Hammond who plays Toni); Michael Volek (PUC student who plays cousin Tom); Kimberly Perz (PUC student who plays Cara, Toni’s girlfriend); Micaela Martinez (PUC student who plays Andi, Cara’s friend). They are pictured in Aunt Piccolo’s dining room, shortly after Aunt Piccolo’s husband, Uncle Alberto has passed away. The scene depicts some of the emotional outbursts in a Sicilian family that occur when there’s a death in the family and misunderstandings run rampant.

In the story, a same-sex couple moves into a house with a beautiful garden, previously owned by the uncle of one of the occupants. Twists and turns are involved, as the uncle wants to be buried in the garden when he dies.

One of a series written by Carilli

This is the fifth in a series by Carilli that explores interpersonal dynamics among same-sex partners. “Along with my other plays, this one is a study of culture and communication. Through each of my plays, all comedies, I demonstrate the dimensional challenges of living as a marginalized individual.”

This is the second production of Carilli’s work that Channing and her students have undertaken. A one-act play last year, “Cat Hoarders Anonymous”, was well received, according to Channing.

Although the main cast of characters in The Perfect Garden is small, with only four performers, more than a dozen volunteers help out behind the scenes with lighting, scenery, sound, and other essentials.

For more information about The Perfect Garden, call 989-2357.