From the Chancellor

Encouraging our students to persist ambitiously toward graduation


Chancellor Thomas L. Keon

As announced in the Oct. 11 issue of The Bridge, implementation of our strategic enrollment management plan is moving forward.

The plan is multi-faceted and closely coordinated with Purdue Calumet marketing efforts. The effectiveness of this implementation also requires a commitment and appropriate follow-up by our deans, department heads, faculty, advisors and staff.

Developing a mindset of registering early

As Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services and Student Affairs Carmen Panlilio discusses elsewhere in this issue, one factor particularly important to the success of our strategy is that of encouraging currently enrolled students to develop a mindset of registering early for the upcoming semester.

Taking care of upcoming spring semester registration business before students get busy and distracted with end-of-the-fall semester demands and the holiday season makes good sense. It also demonstrates a more proactive attitude by our students in their educational approach.

Proactively prioritizing education

Proactively prioritizing their education, rather than reactively attempting to fit it into their demanding life schedules, will enable students to advance along their graduation path more expeditiously.

Our best enrollment management efforts demand a greater commitment by a greater number of our students to persist ambitiously toward their Purdue degree. Let us all work together in helping students understand the wisdom of this critical path to success.



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Thomas L. Keon