No butts about it…

Campus is serious about ‘smoke free policy’

When a new or updated ordinance goes into effect on the Purdue Calumet campus, there’s usually a follow-up procedure to see how well it’s working. Such is the case with the re-invigorated Smoke Free Campus Policy instituted in March.

University Police Chief Anthony Martin has put into place a bi-monthly survey conducted by his department. In addition, a private security person walks the campus, checking for violators lighting up on Purdue Calumet property.

Those not adhering to the no-smoking ban will be cited.

Officer Richard Perez standing next to a Smoke-Free Campus Policy sign
Officer Richard Perez standing next to a Smoke-Free Campus Policy sign

He added that persons can smoke in their cars – since that is considered private-property, but nowhere else on campus grounds. For those who do smoke, they are encouraged to pay attention to where those cigarette butts are going.

“To be good neighbors to our surrounding community, and to discourage litterbugs, we have placed seven smoking receptacles outside campus property, (around the perimeter),” Martin added.

In 2009, a Smoke Free Campus Policy was adopted. To review and consider ways to increase compliance, a Task Force was formed proposing more teeth to the policy. The measures were adopted, and University Police announced it would begin enforcing the ban by issuing citations to campus smokers.

The first offense brings about a warning; second-time offenders are fined $25; third and subsequent citations cost $50 each.

Smoking receptacles are located:

  1. On Wicker across from Building Services (on the sidewalk)
  2. On the east end of the Founders Plaza (On the sidewalk)
  3. On the east end of the southeast side of SUL (in the alley)
  4. On Woodmar Avenue across the sidewalk, west end of Founders Plaza
  5. On Woodmar Avenue across from Gyte.
  6. On Woodmar Avenue across from Potter.
  7. On Woodmar Avenue across from Anderson.

For persons who want to quit smoking, help is available via the smoking cessation program, Quit Smart. The six-week sessions are available for staff and their spouses, according to Martha Lowry, director of the Purdue Calumet Wellness Center.

For more information about the Quit Smart program, call Lowry at (219) 989-2709.