New email blast system

Changes will be made regarding how our bulk e-mail distribution system works.

As of February 27, a new list titled Purdue-Calumet-Announce replaced the #E Everyone list as the official e-mail communication vehicle for faculty and staff.  The primary focus of messages sent to Purdue-Calumet-Announce will be emergency notices, human resource policy or benefits announcements, expected street, traffic, and parking interruptions, services for general university use, such as travel and transportation, broadcasts of information services, obituary announcements for current or officially retired employees, university sponsored events and other announcements affecting the university at large.

Only individuals designated by the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellors, or Deans will be able to post messages to this list and repeated messages on the list will generally be prohibited.  Subscriptions to the Purdue-Calumet-Announce list will be limited to faculty and staff and membership in the list will be required as it was with the #E Everyone list.

“The main reason we are making this change is to provide a better facility on campus for communicating via bulk e-mail,” Frank Cervone, Vice Chancellor for Information Services and CIO said. “Our current method of using bulk e-mail is based on old technology and does not allow us to provide many features that are taken for granted today.  Additionally, the new software provides us with the ability to have groups create their own communities of interest where they can share information.”

In addition, the current #Dist Open Forum mailing list will change to a new bulk e-mail system. Staff and faculty will be able to post to the new list, Open-forum, as they do today and will be able to opt out of receiving messages from Open-forum. Appropriate items for posting on the Open-forum include: personal opinions, endorsements, or supplemental materials related to e-mails sent out on Purdue Calumet Announce list, activities, opportunities, personal opinions or materials which the writer believes would be of benefit or interest to the campus community, obituary announcements for anyone other than current or former employees, and non-commercial related activities or opportunities involving university employees where the employee will not directly benefit from promoting the activity or opportunity.

Once the conversion of the faculty and staff bulk e-mail lists is complete, a new system with similar functionality for bulk e-mail to students will be addressed. Announcements related to this will be forthcoming.