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Our changing student body = more accomplished new students


Chancellor Thomas L. Keon

Given all that has impacted our campus of late, presumably, we all recognize the changing nature of Purdue Calumet and its environment.

Change, of course, is a two-sided coin. We can approach change as a challenge or as an opportunity.

During much of the past academic year, I used this forum to discuss our changing student body—students we must attract for Purdue Calumet to become a true Destination of Choice University. Interestingly, the early return on at least one of our objectives—attracting more students who are better prepared to earn a Purdue degree on our campus—suggests we are heading in the right direction.

Among our entering classes of freshman students each of the past four years, average SAT/ACT scores, high school class rank and high school grade point average have steadily increased from fall 2009 through 2012.

Entering Freshman Class
2012 2011 2010 2009
SAT 1447 1436 1422 1371
ACT 21.5 21.3 20.9 19.9
HS Class Rank
Top 10% 15% 13% 11% 10%
Top 25% 38% 33% 32% 28%
Top 50% 74% 68% 66% 58%
3.50 & higher 21.5% 20.1% 12.3% 6.7%
3.25 & higher 33.9% 31.2% 13.1% 14.7%
3.00 & higher 51.0% 46.0% 28.0% 23.7%

Changes to our regional university status, primarily as authorized by the state, have contributed substantially to that upward trend. We also can speculate about other influences.

Perhaps most noteworthy to me about this data is that we are making progress in building a foundation for success. Within our changing university culture, our first step in becoming a Destination of Choice University is to appeal to those students who are prepared and committed to embrace Purdue Calumet as a destination that leads to their success.


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Thomas L. Keon