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Marketing Interns partner with University Relations

Associate Vice Chancellor for Marketing

Natasa Drageljevic and Manny Lopez
Natasa Drageljevic and Manny Lopez

Purdue Calumet’s marketing efforts for the spring semester are once again enhanced by two undergraduate students from Instructor Jordan Kerr’s MGMT 421 – Advertising and Promotions Management course.

Manny Lopez and Natasa Drageljevic accepted their Experiential Learning (ExL) internship positions this spring after earning these roles in the fall of 2012, during a class also taught by Instructor Kerr.

Interns to cover many areas

Responsibilities of the students during their involvement in Marketing will be diverse and challenging, as they interact in the normal, and sometimes less predictable, daily challenges of the department.

In addition to mentoring the spring students enrolled in MGMT. 421, in partnership with Instructor Kerr, Manny and Natasa also are involved with Marketing Strategy meetings, discussion with media partners, participation in marketing research, and advancing best practices regarding our university Facebook page.

Recruiting efforts also involved

Our interns also are contributing to Transfer Student Recruitment efforts through use of social media, while working closely with Jose Reyes, associate director of Transfer Student Services. The interns are implementing a Transfer Student Facebook page and co-developing content strategies to further increase awareness and interaction with current and potential transfer students.

Serving as mentors

While Manny and Natasa remain involved in University Relations’ marketing operation, their mentoring of teams and team leaders in Instructor Kerr’s spring class also continues. They are providing insights in relation to this semester’s final project.

A presentation in late April by each of those teams will result in the winning team’s leaders being offered marketing internships in the Office of University Relations during Fall 2013. Their ExL opportunity will be similar to the experiences that Manny and Natasa now enjoy.