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How you can help make a difference

Dear Colleagues,

Chancellor Thomas L. Keon
Chancellor Thomas L. Keon

The end of a year is a time for giving thanks and giving back. Volunteers and donors make a difference in the lives of our students and communities.

Earlier this month, letters were mailed to alumni and friends inviting them to make a gift to Purdue Calumet’s annual fund. This fund provides unrestricted dollars that can be used where needs are greatest. Such support enables us to become a more viable, responsive university that better serves our students and community.

A first choice option

My vision is that Purdue Calumet becomes Northwest Indiana’s Hometown University–a first choice option of students, families, residents and employers for quality education, applied research and expertise, cultural enrichment, and athletic entertainment and passion.

For vision to become reality, increased private support is paramount. That is because the gap between our ability to sustain a Purdue-quality university and the actual financial support we receive from state and tuition dollars has widened alarmingly.

Your thoughtful and generous consideration

For years, we have appealed to alumni and friends for help in providing vital opportunities for our students and campus. It now becomes necessary for me to make a heartfelt appeal to each of you.

So much you have contributed to the success of Purdue Calumet, and here I am requesting more. At a time when we face challenges with dwindling resources, I ask that you thoughtfully and generously consider investing in our annual fund. A letter will be going to faculty and staff next week with an invitation to make a year- end gift to Purdue Calumet.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated!


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Thomas L. Keon